About hottmoose

When I was a little girl, I remember being fascinated when my mom brought home a new camera & I watcher her place film in it. She was always capturing memories for our family & making them into scrapbooks or albums.
That passion was sparked inside of me from a very young age... as a teenager I was always taking pictures. I loved being behind the camera & capturing beauty in so many different ways.
When I became a mother myself - my passion continued & ignited even more. I love going back & reminiscing on those special times - who we were back then - watching who we have all become as the years have passed.
The fact that I am allowed to capture these things for others is truly an honour & I feel so blessed each time I get to pick up my camera.
As I have gotten older & my journey has me exploring Ontario - I have developed a new passion that goes hand in hand with my camera/photography - the outdoors & wildlife... this coming from a girl that grew up being scared of the dark & anything that moved.
I hope you enjoy my albums & galleries - almost all are available for purchase as a print or canvas.
Contact me to book or with any questions